(Print and Mail with your Check)
Friday Night Banquet in the Hilton Naples Ballroom
October 18, 2019 (6p-midnight-5pm-cocktail hour)
To Purchase Tickets by Mail                     $75 per person

Mail to: Sharon Belcher                        (Do not mail after October 10th-contact us)
         3618 Kent Drive                                                                   
         Naples, FL 34112                                  Amount Enclosed:____________
(Meal Choice-Prime Rib-Chicken-Vegetarian-circle one)
Name____________________________ (Maiden name)_________________________
Email_________________________ Phone­­­­­_________________________________
(Meal Choice-Prime Rib-Chicken-Vegetarian-circle one)

*Due to the gracious donation of one of our classmates, wine will be included with dinner.

**Cash bar for cocktail hour and throughout the evening
(If sending check without form, please include names and meal choices)